• beyond roadshows, presentations and AGMs

    When you go on the road and present to brokers clients, at investor conferences and at your annual meeting, your audience is no longer limited to those in the room.

    You can now reach thousands of investors, wealth advisers, business journalists and others with social media.

    There is a lesson is the experience of one of our clients.

    It is a $200 million iron ore company that had about 120 people at its presentation to a major resources investor conference in Sydney.

    We posted the presentation on social media and it reached tens of thousands more.

    Social media can maximise your reach and engagement before and after you present.

    Use it to whet investors’ appetites for what you will say to get as many people along as possible. Afterwards, make the presentation available on pertinent social channels and watch it go viral when you alert your followers.

    We can do all that for you too.

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