• take your company's message direct to retail investors and SMSFs

    The old saying is “fish where the fish are” and if you want to hook investors, you have to be online.

    That’s because investors are not only trading online, they are also researching online.

    They are using social media as part of that research. Twitter now has 2.1 billion searches every day. Try your own Twitter searches on terms such as #equities, #copper, #euro and #ASX to satisfy yourself.

    And it isn’t just young investors who use social media.

    The fastest adopters are people over 50, who doubled their usage in 2 years. Now, 1 in 2 people over 50 uses social media.

    This is particularly important for companies that are too small for broker coverage and institutional support.

    We can take your company’s story direct to retail investors and self-managed super funds.

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